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New Year Message From Our President

As we prepare to blow out the candles on 2014, it's only natural to reflect on the Year that was, and how it has challenged and changed us. While we mark off the milestone, we might be temped to assign value, or place blame based on how each moment measures up to our expectations. I sum it up in these two words. Free yourself.

No matter what has transpired this year, you owe it to yourself not to carry over to 2015 anything that will steal your joy, or stifle your spirits. And that includes obsessing over life events long after they have come and gone. At our core, I believe we all want to be our best, to never ever be caught of guard, or off our game. But if we are honest with ourself and with one another, we know this simply is not possible or even healthy for that matter. To continue to strive for perfection in an imperfect world can do us more harm then good, because it sets up unrealistic goals and pressures that affects our attitude, relationships, health and wellness. So I say to everyone, reflect, meditate, and then move on.

This year, our association made some wonderful strides. we could have done more, but sometimes faith is doing its job, and we all must be thankful. The universe worked its magic. As I reconnected with nature--Earth,sky, sand and sea, I was reminded how much the world around us offers daily lessons in acceptance. Watching the oceans ebb and flow along the shoreline, I realized once again that nothing is permanent. Imperfection and change are part of the process.

My sincere wish, as President, of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Ontario is that we enter into 2015 completely unfettered. Again, let us free ourselves, and make room for all the blessings I know are there waiting for each and everyone of you. I want to Thank, all the members, Friends, and Family and Volunteers, who had my back, helped, and supported me through my first term, and the start of the second one.

Wishing you all a Happy Healthy New Year.

Horace R Thorne

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