Trinidad and Tobago Association of Ontario

Our Board of Directors

President - Horace Thorne
Vice-President - Jean Turner Williams
Treasurer - Kernesha Baird
Assistant Treasurer - Alpha King Jr.
Secretary - Dellanna Hickson
Director - Kaddem John
Director - Vegentie Ramkhelawan
Past President - Christopher Holder

Our Board of Directors

Dellanna Hickson

Secretary - Dellanna Hickson

Dellanna was born in Trinidad and Tobago and had the opportunity to move to Toronto in 2013. At home she persued her Bachelors degree in Nursing, but unfortunately had to leave in her third year and left it incomplete. Dellanna was also a member of Eugene Joseph Dance Theatre and also took part in the Prime Minister's Best Village competition. In 2007, she participated in folk dance and was rewarded as well for her awesome talent as a dancer. She has a passion for dancing, acting and makeup. She also took part in the Artictis Cultural Theatre in the play called "JAHAAJII" directed by Walid Basksh.

Here in Canada, she was able to complete college where she graduated with honors as a community service worker and is presently persuing a career in healthcare. For the past 3 years, she has been working as an after school program worker with Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services. Dellanna loves kids, is family-orientated, determined, hard worker, and outgoing. She enjoys meeting new people and trying new things.

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